At Saint John’s Church, we value and nurture children and young people.  We welcome your children to come and enjoy our children’s work, whether you’re a regular at church or just here visiting.  Our groups on a Sunday morning are vibrant, fun, and involve different games, chats, and crafts, all linked to the Bible theme that we are looking at that week.  Our groups are a fun and safe place for our children and young people to learn more about God, listen to Him, feel valued and are able to be themselves.

Our children and young people start off in church with their families,
and then leave the service after the first 20 minutes to go to their groups.

Crèche (Babies – Pre-school)

Creche Logo

Our crèche group is designed so that if you’re child is happy for you to leave them, then you are able to do so.  But equally if they’re not happy about you going, you’re welcome to stay and join in with us.  Each week we start our sessions with a short singing and bible story time.  We say hello to each child individually, say hello to our resident monkey puppet, and then have a short, interactive bible story which is from the See and Know programme and end with a prayer.  Once we’ve finished that, there is a craft on offer for the children to do, which is related to the Bible story, and we get the toys out for the children to play with.  We have a vast amount of toys, suitable for all of the ages that attend crèche.  Each week the team has at least one adult and two junior leaders helping to run crèche.

Energize (Pre-school – Year 6)

Logo 2015 no background

Our Energize group covers a vast age range; but we find it works really well for building community among our children.
Throughout the morning the children do things altogether, and then split into their age appropriate groups.

We start each session with the youth from Access.  They come into our room for the first 10 minutes.  We have drinks and biscuits and have a range of games out for the children to get involved in and play together.  Once this time has finished, the Access group leave and go to their own room to do their session.  Our session starts with a game and a group activity to introduce the theme for the day.  The children take part in an interactive Bible story: sometime by acting it out, sometimes by watching a clip.  We then separate into our different age group.  The younger group tends to have children from Pre-School age up to Year 2, and our older group has children from Years 3 – 6.  In these groups, they explore the theme for the day in a greater way appropriate way to their age.  The younger group do craft, cake decorating and play games as they explore the theme.  The older group have debates, quizzes, crafts and we seek to get them using the Bible to find the bible story that we have been looking at.

Our team consists of adults with various experiences including teaching and working with children with special needs.
Each week we have three team members in the session, two of whom are specifically for the younger group to make
sure there’s enough adult help, especially for the craft!

If you would like more information, please contact Amy:

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