Youth (Sundays)

Access Logo

Access is the Sunday morning group for 11-14 year olds. The church is committed to supporting young Christians in taking their first purposeful personal steps with Christ. Secondary School is the age most Christians (who have been brought up in a church environment) make the choice to step out of their parents shadow. To start to take responsibility for their own faith and start to develop a personal relationship with God. The focus of this group is to support these steps. To encourage our young Christians to engage and interact with God through prayer, worship and through his word.

We also feel its important to build fellowship and community within the group and the Youth by spending 10-15 minutes at the beginning of each Sunday session supporting the Energise groups and spending time with the Energise children.

On every third Sunday of the Month the Access group have a Prayer and Praise session. In this session the Access group will have breakfast provided for them and a member of the Church worship team will attend the group and lead the Access group in active worship. This session runs in conjunction to the Communion service with the main Church service. This is designed to support and prepare the Youth for partaking in Communion in remembrance and celebration of what Jesus has done for us.

We encourage the Access Youth to take more of an active role in the Church family and, in particular, Sunday mornings. Many Access Youth are involved in supporting Worship, Energise (the younger children’s group),  Bible reading with the service and once a month the Access group support the main service by leading a prayer/healing ministry.

Children and Youth are not the future of the church – they are the church.

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