Photography Policy


One of the ways we publicise St John’s church is through the use of photos in our publicity and digital media. Church is about the people and so, as well as listing activities, we think it is helpful to use photos of church life to give a feel of who we are and what we do. You may sometimes notice photos being taken at events and in church services to use in our publicity.


In give St Johns consent to take your photo you are agreeing for us to use your image for publicity purposes.


As far as possible we commit to

  • Only identify someone by name and photograph on the website if their role might benefit from it (e.g. Staff Team)
  • Digital photographs taken for church purposes will be deleted from mobile devices (e.g. phones, camera memory cards) as soon as is practically possible.
  • Respecting people’s wishes concerning their image being used in church publicity and to that extent will remove any photo if an individual featured in it asks us to do.
  • We will ask for  parental consent to use the image of under 18s.