Youth (Wednesdays)

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Impact is our Youth Small Group that’s primary purpose is to support the Youth of the church by encouraging them to go deeper with God through prayer, reading the Bible and fellowship. The group is specifically for 14-18 year old’s (School Years 10-13).

As a group we generally meet on the second and the fourth Wednesday night of the month 7:30pm – 9pm. We try to meet at Church, but this is not always possible, we look to create a relaxing and informal setting and this tends to help us feel more comfortable in engaging in the Bible and just to be honest and supportive of each other. Obviously we always make sure there is sweets, cake and doughnuts present to support the process.

On the first and third weeks of the month we offer our 14-18 year old’s an opportunity to meet with a Youth leader in a one to one capacity. This is designed to support the youth in their journey with Christ by doing a bible study, on a theme agreed with the individual, and by talking through issues that the youth want/need to talk about. The one to ones are always done in a public place and more often than not in a café, which means a drink and snack may well appear on the table during the course of the one to one.

Due to half terms, Easter and the occasional 5th Wednesday the general weeks can sometimes change so here are the Impact 2015-2016 Dates – taking us up to the summer holidays, with all of the slight changes.

If you are interested in getting involved in the our Impact group or wanting more information about what we do within these sessions or within the one to ones with the youth then please don’t hesitate to contact for more information.

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