The Drop

The drop - cropped
The Drop is completely free and open to anyone aged between 11-18 years of age.

The Drop runs at Church from  7:30pm and runs till 9:30pm.


St John's Church behind the hedge


The Drop is a brand new Youth focused initiative that will open in September, 2015. The Drop is a group that will have two distinct elements to it. The first element is that it will be a drop in centre in the Foyer of the church building manned by our enthusiastic and trained team. At the Drop you can come and socialise, chill out or come simply drop in and use the space to keep warm and dry while it’s cold and wet outside.





During The Drop there is a tuck shop that runs through out and free soup, tea and toast to anyone who wants some. We want to create a safe and positive environment that the youth feel comfortable to just come and be at.



The Drop - The Street Map The Second element of The Drop is that there will be a detached team that will be heading out into he Holycroft and Saxon Paddox estates. These teams will be looking to engage with and get alongside the youth on the estates and to establish supportive and positive relationships with them.


As a church we really want to establish and maintain good relationships with those living within the Church parish and this group has been set up to establish and support the youth in our area and within the wider town of Hinckley.



If you are interested in or would like more information about The Drop  then please don’t hesitate to contact for more information.

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