Sunday@7 is a fresh expression of church hosted at St. John's


What you need to know:
- Doors open at 6.45pm for refreshments and then starts at 7pm. 
- We meet every week but look at a theme for two weeks. One is normally more teaching and the second is more practical and using what we've learnt.

What is it like?
- Very Informal.
- We tend to do 20 minutes of sung worship at the start, then have an interactive talk (which includes discussion times) and finish with time for prayer and more sung worship. 

Are children's and youth groups available? No, the service is suited to young people, but children's groups are not run during Sunday@7.

Do you do baptisms and confirmations at Sunday@7?: No, if you would like to be baptised or have your child baptised or anything similar like confirmations, the morning service is more suited for that. 

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