New Term New Small Groups

Welcome to our Small Groups  for the January to March 2018 Term

If you have never tried a Small Group before maybe this term is the term to try. Take a look below to see what is on offer this term and see where you think you might best fit.

Small Groups at St John’s are groups of around 12 to 15 people who meet together each week. They are places where we can meet new people, enjoy some time together and many of the groups are places where you can explore issues of life together and how faith can have an impact for each of us.

Our Spring 2018 groups start the week beginning 15th January and run until the week beginning 12th March, so it is just enough time to learn something new and make new friends without feeling like you are signing your life away! There are a number of groups to choose from. We are sure there is one right for you.

I hope you decide to sign up and join us.

Gary Weston

Finding the group that is right for you

Take a few minutes browsing below and find the group that is right for you. Groups are listed by day of the week with the time, topic, and leader included for each individual group. You can then use the form below to sign up online. The group leader will get in touch once you have signed up to confirm the venue for the first meeting.

This Group is Now Full

Group: B1 Bible Study 

Tuesday @ 8pm at Tim & Marie’s

Lead by Tim Pullen

This term we will be taking a deeper look at the book of Ecclesiastes. Each week we will follow up on the passage used the previous Sunday morning and explore the themes we see for us today.

Group: B3 Bible Study

Thursdays @ 9:30am at Elaine’s

Led by Elaine North

Each week we will follow up on the passage used the previous Sunday morning use it to take a deeper look at the book of Ecclesiastes and the themes we see for us today.

Group: G1 Film Club

Tuesday @ 7:30pm at St John’s

Led by Jon Berry

Film club is for anyone who has a diverse love of cinema – from modern classic to film noir and from laugh out loud comedy to the ultimate disaster movie.

Each week a different member of the group will take a turn at presenting a movie of their choice, a film that means something to them personally. After the film has been shown we spend a short time talking about it and its themes. BYO Popcorn and snacks!!!!

Group: G2 Body and Soul

Thursdays @ 7-8:30 pm at Simply Gym

Led by Liz & James Piggott

An opportunity to use your gym membership for more than keeping fit. Body and Soul is a way to demonstrate our love for one another in a place where we can be seen.

We are aware that many gym members already visit Places Gym (formerly Simply Gym) and so the idea is that once a week, we attend at the same time to chat between exercises and meet after to highlight any points for prayer etc. If you are interested but not a member, then let us know as we have arranged a corporate rate for those that join this group. If you are a member, how about changing the time you usually go just for 8 weeks to be part of this group?

Group: C1 Alpha

Wednesday @ 8pm 

Lead by David Hills & Julie Yorke

Alpha is for anyone who is curious about faith. The talks are designed to encourage conversation and explore the basics of the Christian faith in a friendly, open and informal environment. No question is out of bounds and you are free to discuss as much or as little as you wish.

The evening will start each week with a meal.

 Group: G3 Pints of ViewThe idea behind this group is to meet in a local pub and explore, through conversation, questions and issues those gathered want to talk about from a faith-based and non-faith perspective.

Our hope is to have a core group from St Johns but the discussion will be open to anyone in the pub that evening.

We are still confirming final details for this group so at the moment we would like you to register your interest.

Sign up form

Your questions answered


Q: What happens when I sign up for a group?

A: Once you have signed up to a group the leader of the group will get in touch with you to let you know when and where the group will be meeting and any other information you may need.

Q: How often will the group meet?

A: The groups are designed so that they do not take over life. They will typically meet for about one and a half hours once a week for up to 8 weeks.

Q: How do I know which group is for me?

A: Each term we try to put together a variety of groups. Some are more about connecting with each other and making new friends. Others are more focused on helping us to connect with God and build our faith. Take a look at the groups on offer and decide which suits you best at the time.

Q: What if I have other questions?

A: Come and find James & Liz Piggott or Paul & Jo Bamberger on a Sunday morning and ask them. Or during the week have a chat to Gary, Dmitry, Amy or Jon or send an email to